Wearing The Most Flattering Jeans For Work

jeansSeems like retro denim or high waist denim never go out of fashion. Just like the olden days flared jeans is back in fashion. Nor more these are considered the hippies fashion of the 70s and 80s. It can help explore your curves and add grace to your personality. These feminine silhouette your figure. The flare enhances your legs and it does not cut the natural lines of your legs. If you are not sure what type of casual pants for work would accentuate your personality, give flare denim a try. It can flatter your figure and there will be no worries about fit. 3D printed fashion is rocking the fashion world and find out more on this trend at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/04/160419084501.htm.

Some of the flare denim that can create and impression are listed below.

Pear shaped
Curvy or pear shaped women carry most of the weight on the hips, rear and thighs. A bell bottom with the right fit at the thighs and back to the knees could be a great option. Bell flares long enough to cover the shoes is a wise option. It will give you an opportunity to create an hourglass shape figure with long legs.

Apple shaped
Bootcut suits women with apple or narrow figure. They can opt for smaller flare to complement their narrow hips. Large bell bottom jeans can give the woman a triangular look. Bootcut is defined as bell bottom with a light flare to cover the boots. There are two types of bootcut especially designed for narrow hips. One is the lose fit and the other tight fit. Loose fit is for those who prefer a relaxed style. It would be tight in the thigh and top region with smaller bells. The flare starts before the knee but does not expand drastically. It comes with high hip rise especially for those who do not prefer low rise jeans.

Tight fit bootcut is tight till the top of the calves and then flares out slightly. It is similar to the skinny jeans. Women with column shape, with bust and hips of the same size can carry off this type of bootcut confidently. Super bell bottoms or wide legged pants as they call it would be stunning if you are tall and thin.

Petite frame
For shorter women it best to start the flare at the knee without much of flare at the bottom. Any woman with narrow hips find bootcut the best option. Bootcuts with large flares can overwhelm the petite frames. Use a lighter flare so showcase your legs in an elongated way. Pair it with wedges of booties to increase your height.

Choosing bootcut jeans for work could be a success if you understand your body type and choose accordingly. There are many brick and mortar and offline stores available. The guide could come handy in successfully choosing the best jeans. The internet is full of tips on select the right jeans to work. Enhance your power dressing with the most stunning pair of denim.