Valentine Day Gifting Ideas For A Great Couple


Valentine’s day is one of the most celebrated occasions for every couple. One of the common sources of confusion during this time is choosing that perfect gift to give your boyfriend. We have compiled some great Ideas for Valentine this year. It’s not enough if you love someone, it is equally important to tell him that you care for him and how much you love him. We have compiled some great ideas that help you choose what is best for your boyfriend. The best part about these ideas is that they are inexpensive and takes a little bit of effort to get it done.

The Kiss Jar
This quirky but easy gift involves very simple steps. Write down different types of kisses that you can think of and drop them in the jar. Ask your boyfriend to pull out as many chits as he wants. Then you can give him whatever kisses he had chosen and enjoy. You could make this more creative by choosing chits in the shape of lips to improve the authenticity and add cuteness. You could wrap the jar with red colored paper and use red ribbons around the jar as well. You could also plant some kisses around the jar for the effect.

The Love Scrapbook
Pick out an old notebook and write down one alphabet per page. Once done, write any memory that you can associate with that particular alphabet. Use pictures and colorful pens to make it look exciting. This could be a walk down the memory lane as well for you as you can add places where you met first, your first dinner date together etc in this scrapbook. Towards the end of the book, you could ask your boyfriend to fill it with moments that he thinks about often. This will serve as a treasure and can be looked at during the later years of your life.

A Romantic Getaway
Plan for a special outing only for you and your spouse to your favorite vacation spot. What you could do to spice this up a little bit is to plan in advance and book the holiday. If you are friends with your boyfriend’s boss, ask him if he could approve a day off for your boyfriend. Pack for both of you and do not tell your boyfriend anything about this plan. Surprise him at work and take him blindfolded into the car then to the airport and finally reveal your plan. This will certainly work wonders.

Notes Everywhere
You could hide valentine notes everywhere while your spouse is sleeping. Write some love notes in a specially crafted heart shaped paper. One done, hide this inside various items that your spouse uses such as shoes, suit pocket, backpack, office id card etc. Whenever he opens these items on valentine’s day, there will be a note waiting for him. You would write reasons why you love him or could write something such as backrub, body massage etc. indicating that whatever written in the note, he will get it tonight. This will definitely be appreciated as it involves great planning and the much-needed preparation.