Best Packing Tips For San Francisco


San Francisco is a dazzling city with numerous iconic places such as Golden Gate Bridge, Alcrataz and other gorgeous places like Lombard Street, Union Square and historic cable cars. Food is also very famous in the city, you can find tasty and famous local food items and also different countries cuisines.

Many people wrongly assume that since it belongs to a California City there will be warm and sunny climate particularly during the summer time. They are totally wrong. The city has different temperatures and based on the place you live the temperature differs. For example, Missouri district is warmer than the district near to the ocean since it is far away from the ocean. If you live close to the bay areas, then you will mostly experience chilly and windy temperature. You can experience more summer during the September month where there will be warmer days, with little fog and fog.

Are you planning to visit the city during July or August? Then you don’t need to pack shorts for your trip. The temperatures during the month will be around 16-20 degrees in the day time. The list of Things to do and pack when your trip is near is listed below.

When packing your Clothing you must pack it based on the temperature in San Francisco. If you are visiting during the windy season then you must take the dress items including two long sleeved shirts, one windbreaker, sweater, jeans or pants based on the number of days of visit, Capri pants pair. You can also pack a set of black leggings since it goes very well with long, shirt or sweater. Then pack the desired number of shirts, tank tops, tops based on the longevity of your trip.

You can pack a pair of sneakers, athletic shoes for jogging and hiking. Basic flats or sneakers are the great option to walk and explore around the San Francisco’s streets. You can also bring a dressier pair of shoes which will be comfortable for go out for lunch or dinner at a restaurant.

Toiletries including a shop bar, tooth paste and tooth brush of your choice. You don’t forget to bring the Medical kit. The kit should include Tylenol, band-aids and any other regular tablets you used to take. You can also take the hair care and beauty care products such as hair straightener, facial toner, cotton balls, body lotion, and razor for shaving. Though the beauty care products are not mandatory, you can keep it if you have additional space in your bag.

You don’t forget to bring a digital camera, iPhone or Smartphone, extra batteries, charging cords for your phone and battery. Smartphone or iPhone allows you to access the social media, upload photos, local transportation schedules, writing your blogs etc. If you are planning to stay there for more than a week, it is good to pack your dress for one week. You can do the laundry and wear the dress again for later use. Don’t forget to plan your packing based on San Francisco’s weather.