4 Tips On How To Find The Best Juicer

Shopping for a new juicer? Juicing is a very common practice and is regarded as a healthy habit. It simply involves extracting the juice from fruit and vegetables using an appliance called a juicer. To enjoy the maximum benefits, it’s very important to choose the right device. This, however, can be a bit hard given the fact that there are a range of them on the market. Follow these tips to find and buy the best juicer.

1. Efficiency is key

Efficient juicers produce drier pulp, meaning that as much of the juice as possible (as well as nutrients & enzymes) are squeezed out. Wet, heavy pulp would indicate that the device is not doing what it’s supposed to do well. Yes, you can rerun the pulp through the juicer again, but this is an unnecessary task that can be avoided by getting a quality machine.

2. Go for multiple speeds

With multiple speeds, you can be able to squeeze most of the juice out of those fruits. You will use the slow speeds for grapes and other soft fruits and the high speeds for firmer produce such as carrots and cucumbers.

3. Consider cord length & storage

A long cord offers more flexibility in terms of where the appliance can be placed on the kitchen counters when juicing. When it comes to storage, you should look for a model that fits the available spaces without taking up much room �� for instance; go for a compact juicer if you plan on using a cabinet as the storage space.

4. Cost is not everything

Well, cost is a key factor when shopping for the best juicer. These appliances will often vary in terms of prices and it’s wise to make a comparison to see what would fit your budget. However, avoid making a decision on the basis of price only. Try to evaluate other factors such as quality, manufacturer reputation and available features too!