The Making Of Godiva As A Brand

Xmas_2012_gift_box_17pc_openIn today’s day and age, Godiva is one of the most well-known brands of chocolate in the whole wide world. Like all the stories of success, there is a lot of romance that can be linked even to the birth of Godiva as a brand. The stupendous popularity and phenomenal success that it has had over the years are not something that happens in a day. It takes years for something as special as this to become a true marvel in every sense of the word. The seed of this brand was laid in the year 1926 in Brussels. Pierre Draps Sr. is the great man to whom the credit of planting of this seed goes. ‘Godiva’ was not the name that was given to it at that time.

It is innovation that has always been the root cause of all the great things that have ever been done. In the case of Godiva innovation was the key that opened all locks. In 1926 Pierre Draps Sr. was able to think beyond anything that was ever created in the world of chocolates. He was able to create a chocolate praline that took was such an innovation in taste that it has led to Godiva being known as one of the most popular brands of chocolate in the world. Praline is a homogenous mixture of caramelized sugar with tasty nuts or some other dry fruits. Almonds and hazelnuts are the most commonly used components in a Praline. The addition of chocolate to a snack that was already so tasty did wonders.

It was in Brussels that Godiva started making its presence felt bit by bit. The great combo of such tasty ingredients was not something that many people were able to ignore. It was the taste of the chocolates that made sure that as brand Godiva will not be limited to Brussels. The death of Pierre Draps Sr. was an event that could have ruined the progress of Godiva but it was not to be. Soon after the great man’s death, his kids were able to take over the business and grow it step by step, bit by bit. After the death of the great man Pierre Draps Sr. and his wife the kids were able to take the business out of their atelier where the business was born. Godiva started expanding under the leadership of Joseph Draps.

In 1958 Paris was lucky enough to witness the opening of the very first Godiva Boutique in France. There was no looking back for Godiva ever since then. Soon after this, the Godiva Boutiques started dazzling the entire world with their marvelous creations. You will be very wise to search for the Godiva Boutiques in your country on online platforms. If you are a resident of Canada then you may use ‘Godiva Canada’ as your search words to find out about the Godiva Boutiques in Canada. If you are a true, blue blooded chocolate lover please make sure that you don’t miss out on Godiva.